UnderCover Members

UnderCover is a live music rock band comprised of musicians from across Europe. Led by the vocals of Gareth, a native of England, UnderCover brings a high-energy performance that has excited and entertained audiences since their inception. Bollo, the band’s Spanish drummer, provides the beat that keeps the crowd moving, while Dave, is the guitarist from England, Adding rich and textured sounds. Rainer the native German holds it all down with the bass.
Together the members of UnderCover create a musical experience that is not to be missed.
With a diverse range of musical influences, including classic rock n roll, modern rock, and even pop, UnderCover’s sound is a fantastic blend that appeals to a wide variety of audiences. They draw inspiration from bands of all types through all the decades.
UnderCover’s live performances have gained them a devoted following, and they are already known for their electrifying shows where you can dance and scream along until the last beat.
Whether they are playing in the smallest of clubs or on a big festival stage, UnderCover never fails to deliver a unforgettable performance that leaves everyone wanting more.
UnderCover are bringing a fresh and exciting energy to the stage. With their many influences, top notch sound, and exciting performances, they are a band that is sure to leave you asking for more.